16-year-old Vanya Dmitrienko spoke about the disadvantages of popularity


The young performer Vanya Dmitrienko became widely known about two years ago thanks to the track “Venus-Jupiter” written by him.

Now the young artist regularly gives concerts, participates in filming, gives interviews and receives support from a huge army of fans and admirers.

However, the 16-year-old musician admits that such popularity has not only advantages, but also certain disadvantages. According to Dmitrienko, sometimes his fans do not behave too adequately, especially when they are next to their idol.

The singer admits that sometimes girls try to tear his clothes, take off his pants and even kiss him. Moreover, as the artist notes, not only his peers, but also quite adult women do this.

“It happened that they tried to take off my pants during a photoset, they tore things. It happened that adult women reached out to kiss on the lips, ”- shared Vanya Dmitrienko.

photo Russian Mediagroup


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