KamAZ resumes production of trucks of a new model range

The Russian truck manufacturer KamAZ is resuming production of K4 and K5 generation models. This was reported by the press service of the enterprise.

“The main focus will be on the resumption of production of the K5 line. The company’s goal is to ensure technological sovereignty and meet demand through domestic products.

It is noted that in 2022, due to sanctions and the subsequent severance of mutually beneficial relations with partners, the future of K5 trucks was in doubt.

Throughout 2022, KamAZ, along with other domestic automakers, worked on the implementation of projects as part of import substitution. Currently, K5 trucks are 70-80% localized.

Earlier it was reported that documents appeared in the Rospatent database, indicating that KamAZ had issued the rights to the names Chistogor, Chelnok and Toros Watch. “KamAZ” produces “Toros Watch” in series, and “Chelnok” and “Chistogor” today are only projects and have not been put into production.



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