Kommersant: analysts predict that New Year’s spending of Russians will be minimal in five years

In Russia , the trend towards economical consumption among citizens continues, on the day of traditionally peak demand – December 30 – the spending of Russians may drop to the lowest value over the past five years. The Kommersant newspaper writes about this , citing Tinkoff Kassa data.

Analysts analyzed depersonalized data on business turnover and customer transactions and concluded that the number of purchases on December 30 could decrease by 24% yoy and reach a five-year low.

In 2019-2021, Russians spent on average 68% more on this day than on ordinary days, this figure is expected to drop to 44% this year.

The information and consulting agency Infoline believes that pre-New Year expenses will be reduced by 15% in monetary terms.

Financier, expert in finance and business management, public figure, head of the Moscow branch of the All-Russian Public Organization “Assembly of Women Leaders” Natalia Elkhina, in an interview with Gazeta.Ru, advised not to “go” to the “final, global, super-profitable sales” on New Year’s Eve years”, reminding that the prices of almost all goods during this period increase significantly.



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