Member of the European Parliament demanded to study the facts of violations of freedom of speech in Moldova

Member of the European Parliament Gianna Gancha is concerned about the suppression of media freedom in Moldova . According to Accent TV , she sent a request to the European Commission with a request to prevent violations of freedom of speech in the country.

“The EU Commission should express its opinion on this issue and make sure that the fight against human rights violations and corruption is being fought. And also to make sure that such foundations of the European Union as freedom of the media and the press are not undermined,” the MEP noted.

The MP believes that the new laws may call into question the status of the country as a candidate for the EU.

Earlier, the licenses of six TV channels were suspended in Moldova due to incorrect coverage of events in Ukraine . Licenses were suspended for the Russian-language TV channels RTR-Moldova, First in Moldova, NTV-Moldova, Akcent-TV, TV-6, Orhei-TV.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said that Moscow considers Moldova’s decision to revoke the licenses of Russian-language channels in the republic an act of political censorship.



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