South Korean president urges to prepare for war after North Korean drone invasion

President Yoon Seok-yeol called on the country’s armed forces to prepare for war after the invasion of DPRK drones into the country. This is reported by the TV channel KBS .

“In order to achieve peace, we must prepare for war with overwhelming superiority,” he said during a visit to the defense development department.

According to the leader of South Korea, Seoul does not intend to tolerate such provocations from North Korea. “We must understand that with a deceptive world, we will not only not ensure security, but we will also undermine its foundations,” he said.

Yoon Sk Yeol called for “retaliation” against the actions of the DPRK. “One should never be afraid or hesitate,” he stressed and expressed the hope that the Seoul Armed Forces “will become an army full of courage and determination to fight and win.”

Earlier, South Korean President Yoon Sok-yeol ordered two or three drones to be sent to North Korea in response to every UAV sent from the DPRK. He also said that the invasion of North Korean drones into South Korean airspace demonstrated the insufficient preparation of the country’s armed forces for all sorts of threats.



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