The trainer described the perfect sportswear for men

When choosing a sports uniform for training in the gym, men should start from several nuances – sportswear should be comfortable, comfortable, and safe. Ruslan Panov, an expert methodologist and coordinator of the direction of XFIT group programs, told Gazeta.Ru about this.

“Clothes (top and bottom) should not restrict movement. Good synthetics are best suited for this: a T-shirt in the shape of a torso, but slightly larger than the actual size, since during stress the volumes increase due to muscle shortening and blood flow. It is better to choose shorts one size larger, but above the knee, since the clothes will cling to the joint in amplitude movements or to the simulators longer, ”said the coach.

Ruslan Panov noted that the priority is clothing that absorbs sweat well and dries quickly, as this allows you to train at high intensities without fear of changing the thermoregulation mode.

“Clothes for sports should not cling to exercise equipment and other equipment, as well as overheat the body. Sealed suits and slimming belts are of particular danger to internal organs, ”the expert warned.

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