British boxer refused to pay Ukraine a million dollars

Oleksandr Krasyuk, manager of boxer Oleksandr Usyk, stated that Tyson Fury did not accept the terms of the fight with the Ukrainian due to his request for a fee distribution. His words are reported by Boxing Social.

“Usyk said: “Listen, I’m ready, come on 70/30, it’s not about money, come on.” But there is one condition. You must pay Ukraine one million. This is not a donation, this is not charity, this is my condition. I accept the fight 70/30, you pay a million to Ukraine.”

Tyson did not want to pay Ukraine. And I will never, ever mention the reason. Because it will destroy his image forever,” Krasyuk said.

On March 2, it became known about the breakdown of the fight between Oleksandr Usyk and Tyson Fury. The fight between these rivals was scheduled for April this year. Negotiations about the fight have been going on since the fall of 2022.

For Usyk, this could be the second title defense.

Usyk last fought on August 20 in Saudi Arabia and defeated British Anthony Joshua. The Ukrainian retained the title of the world champion according to the International Boxing Federation (IBF), the World Boxing Organization (WBO), the International Boxing Organization (IBO), and the World Boxing Association (WBA).

Earlier, the American boxer accused the Ukrainian Usyk of cowardice.

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