The son of Tina Kandelaki told who will play in the Russian remake of “Knock on my door”

Tina Kandelaki’s son Leo will play the singer’s manager in the Russian version of the famous Turkish series Knock on My Door. Leo Kandelaki spoke about this in an interview with PeopleTalk.

According to 22-year-old Leo Kandelaki, his friends had long advised him to try himself as an actor, and at some point, he decided to “test himself” and came to the casting of the Russian version of “Knock on my door.”

“When I left the walls of Mosfilm, it seemed to me that this story would not have any development – well, I went to audition and went. A month later, they wrote to me with a proposal for a role in the series, ”said Leo.

The young man noted that at first, he doubted whether it was worth accepting the role, but then he decided that he should not miss such a chance. Answering a question about his role, Leo Kandelaki said that “the Russian Serkan Bolat will be played by a more experienced actor.”

“As for my character, it’s like I’m playing myself! In life, I work with musicians every day, and it so happened that in the series my role is also connected with this: I play the singer’s manager, who, by the way, will be played by a big star, ”he clarified.

The son of Tina Kandelaki also admitted that he did not watch the original version of “Knock on my door”, but “mastered several episodes in an accelerated mode”.

“I watched the main characters, figured out what was what, and that’s where my “knock on the door” ended. In general, I liked it – such a product has the right to exist, and I understand why it has so many fans, ”he added.

Previously, the 22-year-old son of Tina Kandelaki was approved for a role in the TV series “Knock on my door.”

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