VK Fest turned out to be the largest event of this year in Russia

The music festival VK Fest, held in five cities in Russia in 2023, was attended by 200,000 people. Most watched the event on online platforms. It is reported by “Lenta.ru”.

According to the event director, Konstantin Sidorkov, the past VK Fest turned out to be the most significant event in Russia this year.

“Five cities in a month, 500 artists and celebrities, 200 thousand people were with us offline, 34 million online broadcast views,” Sidorkov said.

VK Fest-2023 was hosted by Vladivostok, Novosibirsk, Saint Petersburg, Sochi, and Moscow. Artists such as Basta, Leonid Agutin, ANNA ASTI, JONY, Husky, Zivert, ILO, Lolita, and others performed at the festival. Writer Sergey Lukyanenko, TV presenter Anatoly Vasserman, and designer Artemy Lebedev also attended the event with their lectures. Among the bloggers were Vlad Bumaga, Valya Karnaval, and others.

At the festival, Philip Kirkorov was also noticed as a guest star. On it, he recorded a video with journalist Alla Mikheeva, in which he showed the press cubes with scars after plastic surgery to the camera.

Earlier, a bottle was thrown at Dima Maslennikov during a speech at VK Fest.

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