European diplomacy criticized the sentiment in the EU about the threat of a Russian attack

The head of European diplomacy, Josep Borrell , said that he does not understand the sentiment of some politicians and high-ranking military officers in the EU countries about the possible threat of attack from Russia. He told reporters about this, RIA Novosti reports .

“I don’t know how they come to such estimates (about the likelihood of a Russian attack in the foreseeable future. – Ed.): in five, eight years, or two, or three years – I don’t know…” the agency quotes Borrell.

He noted that the EU should be ready to provide assistance to Ukraine , since there is currently an ongoing military conflict there.

According to him, there is no need to anticipate the emergence of new problems, and now it is necessary to do everything possible to prevent the Ukrainian conflict from spreading further.

The head of EU diplomacy stressed that there is no need to guess what “will happen in five years, we already have enough work.”

On January 22, the Chief of the General Staff of the Norwegian Armed Forces , Eirik Kristoffersen , said that Oslo has little time left to build up its military power to counter possible aggression from Russia.

Earlier, the political scientist assessed the possibility of terminating diplomatic relations between Russia and the EU.

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