Leningrad region, a fisherman went out onto the Gulf of Finland and found himself on a broken ice floe

In the Leningrad region , specialists rescued a man who found himself on a broken ice floe. PiterTV reports this .

The incident occurred in the Kingisepp district. The fisherman began to be carried into the open water of the Gulf of Finland.

Rescuers quickly arrived at the scene. To get to the man, specialists had to change several means of transportation. They used a car and a hovercraft.

As a result, they managed to save the St. Petersburg resident and take him to shore. The fisherman did not receive any injuries and did not require medical assistance.

Before this, in Chita , a schoolboy walked out onto the thin ice of a river and found himself on an ice floe. Passers-by noticed him and called rescuers. Specialists quickly brought the child to shore.

Earlier, more than 120 fishermen were rescued from a breakaway ice floe in Minnesota, US .

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