The Russian Foreign Ministry made a promise about Zelensky’s crimes

The official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova said that Russia will do everything so that the world does not forget about the crimes of the Ukrainian authorities and Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky . She made a corresponding statement on the air of the “60 Minutes” program on the “Russia 1” TV channel.

According to the diplomat, the Russian side will do everything to ensure that the topic of the situation in Ukraine is covered in all formats: in the UN Security Council , the General Assembly , specialized UN committees and commissions , as well as other international organizations.

“We have created a special institute for crimes of the Kyiv regime. The whole world will know about this. I promise, Zelensky will not be forgotten,” said a representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

Earlier, the first deputy head of the Federation Council Committee on International Affairs, Vladimir Dzhabarov, expressed the opinion that Zelensky is pursuing a goal related to the destruction of Russian civilians.

Before this, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the crimes of neo-Nazis in Ukraine against civilians – ethnic cleansing, punitive actions – indicate that the lessons of history have been forgotten.

Earlier, Putin called Zelensky a disgrace to the Jewish people.

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