59-year-old Sergei Zverev showed his topless figure


The other day, the showman went to Sochi on business matters, and also decided to relax a bit at the resort. If there are no problems with professional activities, then the rest is given to the star with difficulty, because everyone wants to capture Zverev on vacation.

Photo social networks.

“And the only option left for me is to watch them relax from the balcony,” the stylist complained.

He also shared a video where he clearly showed that he was forced to stand on the balcony of his room. In the frame, the artist appeared barefoot and topless, dressed in bright orange swim shorts. Fans of Zverev in the comments noticed that they themselves could not resist the temptation to take a picture in his company. Especially considering the fact that the 59-year-old hairdresser has a figure like that of a young man: he is slender and fit.

“Well, how not to pay attention to the superstar? Sergey, you are beautiful! ”, Wrote netizens.


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