A hit I didn’t think it was. Among Us vd for rushing the covid pandemic and streamers

The pandemic of the disease covid-19 and related social problems was literally an economic disaster for many people. Many businesses that had been doing great until then found themselves out of business overnight, and despite financial rewards, they never recovered. At the same time, there is also a primordial person for whom this unprecedented situation brought enormous guilt and, however tactless it may sound, it became easy for him. American studio Innersloth is among such a group, its multiplayer hit Among Us was catapulted to become one of the most played titles during the pandemic.

Among Us is actually such a pot variation on the camp game Msteko usn.

The game itself came out in 2008, and to call it a sales failure would be an understatement. Active games were moving around in their dozens, which, despite the low investment in development (the first version was developed only in those people for about 8 months), was definitely not enough for financial stability, and that was draining the pension every day. Therefore, they preferred to start working on the next one, on Among Us they didn’t completely defecate to their father.

His concept was and still is very original and the practices are unparalleled. It is actually a kind of analogue of the classic camps of the game Msteko usn, during which the group of players divides their roles and looks for the heart in all of them that is sabotaging their collective effort. Among Us differs from other multiplayer titles in that it requires team cooperation. So if more do-it-yourself games appear, its magic cannot be fully developed. As you know, relying on the good will of others in the anonymous Internet is very, very naive.

The popularity of the game is so great that someone sold a coin strip in the shape of the main character for two million crowns.

From a business point of view, we got stuck on Among Us a lot more than we should have. We tried to leave him several times and it would have been the right decision, the game’s producer Marcus Bromander admitted in an interview for an internet forum Overcome with that, they were very close to abandoning the imaginary hen, but she didn’t start laying golden eggs.

The turning point was supposed to occur in 2019, when the team released this map and the general rush still did not appear. We managed to catch all the bugs, so we thought it was done. U never more, and to do something else.

Only then did covid and the involuntary isolation of boring people suddenly have a lot of time to devote to getting rid of them. And things were different

The jump in popularity can be traced to a streamer with the nickname Sodapoppin, who showed his virtually silent music to millions of his followers. And then the snowball effect started, Among Us suddenly had to play everyone, and even the highest stars of the streamer sky, such as xQc, Pokimane, Shroud, Ninja, Disguised Toast or you PewDiePie, quickly jumped on the bandwagon.

Neekan was caught off guard by speed, but with their newly charged popularity they quickly learned to work. Now they have 17 employees and don’t neglect marketing, which, looking back, was probably the biggest mistake they made in the past. In the initial rush, they immediately announced that they were preparing another DL, but in the end they changed their minds and gave priority to playing the current game. For which they received praise from fans.

Thanks to the low set selling price (approx. 100 K), the game is popular even among children, the real profits are made from microtransactions and in-game ads. A substantial part of the business model will also include the sale of thematic merchandise, iconic figures or t-shirts with the popular noise Sus go to hell.

Innersloth are behind the water, but how would it have turned out if not for the pandemic. At least for him, it’s a salary without any residue, that even in hell I’ll be good for him too.

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