A passenger train collided with a freight car at the crossing in Frdek-Mestek

A truck with a sounding cabin to the heart with a passenger train in Frdek-Mstek. Two people were injured inside. (August 10, 2022)
| photo: Police R

The accident happened shortly after 13 o’clock at the crossing in Mru Street. A passenger train with approximately seventy passengers was traveling from Frdek-Mestek towards Ostrava. A freight train just passed the railway crossing, the train hit it, police officer Eva Michalkov said.

She stated that no one was injured on the train, while two people were rescued in the truck and transported to hospitals. the driver of the truck and the driver were breathalyzed for the presence of alcohol with a negative result, the police spokeswoman added.

Traffic on the busy railway crossing was closed, a policeman was on the road with a dog.

Michalkov pointed out that the crossing is equipped with both light and sound equipment. If it didn’t work, or if the driver of the truck drove onto the tracks despite this sign, the police will investigate.

The criminologist in the given case opened a criminal case for suspicion of committing a criminal offense or general endangerment due to negligence, Michalkov ruled. The code has not yet been determined, but the set will most likely be taken out of service. She just started driving on the track in December last year.

Accident at another railway crossing in Frdek-Mstek in 2015

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