A seminar for election observers was held in the Ryazan region –

A seminar for election observers was held in the Ryazan region

On Monday, August 8, a seminar was held in the House of Culture of the Ryazan region for those who expressed a desire to become a public observer at the election of the governor of the Ryazan region.

As noted by Natalya Grishina, Chairman of the Public Chamber of the Ryazan Region, Director of the Ryazan Regional Universal Scientific Library. Gorky, on September 9-11, 999 precinct election commissions and more than 2,000 observers will work in our region. In addition to the gubernatorial elections, 73 municipal election campaigns will be held in the region. Leading political scientists, lawyers and civil servants with extensive experience were involved in the work on training observers. A public headquarters has been set up in the region to monitor the voting process.

Director of the Ryazan State Institute of Law, candidate of legal sciences Lyubov Larina noted that the main task of observers is to ensure high-quality control at all polling stations. She described in detail what exactly a public observer should be doing. She gave examples of all sorts of controversial and difficult points. Does a person have the right to vote on the day of his or her majority? Can a husband and wife enter the same voting booth? Does an observer have the right to help a voter who is having difficulty voting: does not see the letters, cannot put a mark on the ballot himself, or asks for a suggestion for whom it is better to vote for?

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