Amber Heard hired poor young girls for her sex parties

The controversial statements have been made based on a series of documents issued by a popular American journalist and influencer, where she disclosed many details of the sex parties organized by the actress with various tycoons from the technology industry.

Jessica Reed Kraus She has been the journalist in charge of making strong accusations against the American actress AmberHeard, under the user of social networks House Inhabit.

The woman assured, as she collected from various sources close to the actress and other media, that Amber organized and participated in controversial and wild parties with highly objectionable experiences.

At these parties, the journalist revealed that the actress of Aquaman She was in charge of looking for young lesbian women with economic problems, who offered them to attend these parties in exchange for money.

“At parties there were a bunch of low-income young girls hired by Amber, rubbing each other up in satanic-style leather outfits onstage. Amber sat in a throne-like chair in the center,” the writer said.

In addition, it also revealed that various technology tycoons, including Elon Musk, participated in these parties, which were also attended by other powerful businessmen and friends of Heard.

These statements have been compared with old stories that also described the same characteristics of the old parties organized by the ex-wife of Johnny Depp, all this while still married to the legendary American actor.

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