Are working weeks over 40 hours dangerous?

How do you rate occupational safety in Germany?

Occupational health and safety is at a very high level in Germany and I’m happy about that too. Nevertheless, mental stress and strain, machine accidents and the length of working hours, for example, remain a perennial issue.

machine accidents? Are there still so many dangers here?

Of course, the mental stress and exhaustion are a huge problem. But classic occupational safety is also important. Thousands of people work on heavy machinery, with chemicals and toxic substances or in other sensitive environments. That must not be underestimated. Stairs are also among the most dangerous places in administration buildings.

From place to time: how important is biorhythm for health and performance?

The biorhythm is extremely important, there are simply times when we cannot naturally perform as well. Many people have a low between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m., or between 3 a.m. and 5 a.m. at night. When we drive a car, for example, we are simply not as efficient. If they do safety-critical things during this time, the danger here is much greater. We always recommend doing things in the morning that require a high level of concentration. The lighter, playful, routine can then be postponed until later

What are the dangers of shift work?

Shift work is absolutely necessary. When there’s a fire, it’s inconvenient if everyone is in bed. They are also happy when they receive medical care after an accident at night. During harvest, it is also helpful if farmers use the time before rain and storms sweep across the fields. Even chip factories cannot simply switch off their machines overnight for production-related reasons. Shift work is therefore an absolute necessity. On the other hand, shift work is not something that humans do naturally.

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