Chemnitz energy supplier Eins wants to use coal-fired power plant longer

Impending gas supply bottlenecks could keep the Chemnitz lignite-fired power plant connected to the grid after 2023. “The option of continuing to use lignite beyond 2023 is currently being examined,” said the managing director of energy supplier Eins, Roland Warner. This depends on the further course setting at the federal level. There is currently a lack of clear guidelines, he explained. This affects several options as well as a possible use of the power plant blocks as a future reserve.

The federal government had on Thursday because of sharply reduced gas supplies from Russia the alert level of the gas emergency plan called out. According to the information, the security of supply is given, but the situation is tense. Of the Contingency plan has three stages: The current alert level is the second, the third is the emergency level and it stipulates that gas as a scarce commodity is “sovereignly allocated”.

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