Despite F35 purchase: Eurofighter is the “backbone of the Luftwaffe”

It is true that from the 100 billion euros special fund for the Bundeswehr too Up to 35 F-35 stealth planes are to be purchased. The fighter jets are intended to replace the German Air Force’s aging Tornado fleet and at the same time ensure so-called nuclear sharing. In practical terms, this means that the F-35s are capable of transporting the US nuclear weapons stored in Germany.

Specialist journalist Thomas Wiegold: “But that doesn’t mean that the Eurofighter, currently the most modern aircraft in the German Air Force, is out of the running.” in the opposite. The Bundeswehr already has more than 140 of these Eurofighters and almost 100 more would be added – partly to replace decommissioned machines, partly to replace the aging Tornado fighter jets, which are also being decommissioned, “and partly – and that’s new , as newly developed machines for electronic warfare”.

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