Due to tariff differences: university clinics get a lower corona bonus

The Leipzig doctor and member of the Bundestag Paula Piechotta from the Greens is a deputy member of the health committee. It is the right of the clinics if they don’t pay anything voluntarily: “What you can pay additionally is a voluntary bonus. Voluntarily means that you cannot force the university hospital to do so.”

The federal government has no influence on employers when it comes to bonus payments

She also says that the federal government has no influence on employers paying their employees higher bonuses than the nursing staff receive from the federal government. There are even differences within the public service: “We have seen, for example, that the police officer in Saxony gets a corona bonus, but that was not the case in Hesse, for example. That is still decided by the person who is there too otherwise makes wage and salary decisions.”

And so there is a patchwork of different regulations in Germany. In the end, says Piechotta, I have Corona has not fundamentally changed the labor market. Companies that are in good financial shape can sometimes pay higher voluntary bonuses than a clinic that only passes on the federal allocations. And depending on the success of collective bargaining, there are different bonus payments for employees in the public sector – this is also the case between the Free State and the Saxon municipalities.

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