E-car: Charging in supermarket parking lots could become subject to a charge

The companies are silent about how this could be in the future. At the fast-food chain McDonald’s, on the other hand, you have to pay for charging with electricity. However, the charging stations there are operated by EWE Go and are available to everyone, not just customers. And Aldi Süd points out that there is no longer a time limit for charging, which is now subject to a fee. Konsum did not answer the MDR AKTUELL inquiry by the set deadline.

But is he omission of free charging stations a generally negative signal for the e-car market? Markus Emmert, head of the Federal Association for eMobility, doesn’t see it that way: “The most important thing for an e-car driver is that he can charge reliably. That means he knows where the charging infrastructure is. And everyone is willing to pay money for it. Now not every sum, that has to be fair. But no one wants anything for free. Of course there are a few “scroungers” who are out and about, but it really can’t be that long-term. Nobody got fuel for free either – why should it be any different with electricity?”

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