Election of the AfD board: Höcke and party leadership apparently agreed

Outraged reactions in the AfD chat

The excitement about his text in the AfD chat group, which consists of several hundred AfD officials and elected representatives, was correspondingly great. “It’s nice to be able to find out openly from someone involved what was planned with Mr. Höcke,” wrote one of the chat participants. “The same Höcke who said in the interview that he doesn’t want a one-pointer just yet, because that would tear the party apart. You just have to sweat out a part of the party before you can pull it off, right?”

Another official said: “Mr. Tillschneider confirms with his text what every sensible delegate in Riesa was aware of anyway. Mr. Höcke’s mantra-like incantations of unity are pure hypocrisy. Obviously, the need for unity always becomes ‘historical’ when he and his aides think they’re in charge.” According to the chat participant, he hopes “that Tino Chrupalla and Alice Weidel understand very well what they should expect from Mr. Höcke.

AfD statements

Several AfD members of the Bundestag have confirmed the authenticity of the chat messages to MDR THÜRINGEN. A member of parliament who wished to remain anonymous said on request: “It is interesting, but very good, that Tillschneider, in his boundless anger about the unforeseen course of events at the party congress, came out with the truth. Now we know that what promised to us by the party leadership as ‘grassroots democracy’, at least at the very top is mere waste.” Only Chrupalla and Weidel could have concluded “such a deal”, “no one else”.

Björn Höcke has neither confirmed nor denied the existence of the “deal” with the party leadership to MDR THÜRINGEN. He informed his office manager: “Mr. Höcke will not comment on this.” The federal office of the AfD in Berlin ignored an MDR request on this topic.

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