Gas alert level: Central German politics and business concerned – tripling of the gas price possible

Netzagentur boss: tripling of the previous gas bill possible

The President of the Federal Network Agency, Klaus Müller, believes it is possible for consumer prices for gas to triple. “If you extrapolate it, it depends a lot on how you heat, how your building is built. But it can triple the previous gas bill,” said Müller. Since the throttling of Russian gas supplies last week, the price level has risen again by 50 percent.

“Many gas importers say they would like to pass this on,” said Müller. However, the price adjustment clause would have to be activated for this. Whether that happens depends very much on how the gas flows develop. “We know that there is a maintenance window on July 11. Nord Stream 1 will be completely shut down and we don’t know what will happen after that.”

Energy group E.ON: End customer prices must be checked

Of the energy company E.ON expects wholesale gas prices to remain high, but is still leaving open the possibility of its own price increases for its customers. The group told the Reuters news agency that one could not escape the higher price level for a longer period of time and had to check the end customer prices accordingly. To what extent E.ON will therefore have to further adjust its prices this year cannot yet be said.

Chemical Association: fair burden sharing between industry and private households

The German chemical industry called for a fair distribution of burdens. The German Association of the Chemical Industry (VCI) explained to the German Press Agency that the reduction in Russian gas supplies is presenting society and industry with ever greater challenges. “It is important to develop a transparent process that distributes the unavoidable burdens as fairly and tolerably as possible to all gas consumers,” said Managing Director Wolfgang Große Entrup.

Greenpeace expert: phase-out law for oil and gas heating

Energy expert at Greenpeace, Gerald Neubauer, feels that the declaration of the gas alert level is the right signal and now sees consistent energy saving as the “need of the hour”, as he told the Reuters news agency. “However, the state can no longer subsidize fossil gas and thus keep gas consumption artificially high.” An immediate phase-out law is now needed for oil and gas heating and an unprecedented expansion offensive for building renovation, heat pumps and solar thermal energy – in the private sector and in industry.

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