Incorrect use of funding for structural change

The application then has to go to Berlin in order to be approved there, says Daniel Knorr from the German Trade Union Association (DGB) in Saxony: “And we’re usually there for between eight and twelve months. And of course that’s before the application is made “, much too long. Then I’ll probably need another two to four months at the Saxon Development Bank. That means, a year and a half after the first idea, the decision on funding comes first. How building prices then developed, how the corresponding plans then developed, that Of course, no one can estimate a year and a half or two years in advance.”

Also the size of the funding regions causes dissatisfaction. The coal billions were intended for the development of a sustainable economy in the mining areas. But the production areas have been drawn out much larger, says economic researcher Joachim Ragnitz from the Institute for Economic Research (ifo): “The coalfields, which are actually severely affected, that’s not where the funds primarily go. For example, in the central German district, you have the city of Leipzig with you, and northern Saxony with you. And that has nothing at all to do with the coal phase-out. They are not affected at all. From a regional perspective, I think it should have been steered more strongly.”

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