Lauterbach warns of a severe corona wave and announces new infection protection law

at At their two-day meeting in Magdeburg, the health ministers decided to quickly get a new infection protection law off the ground. The aim is to focus on a more critical again Corona situation prepare in autumn and winter.

It A heavy wave must be expected, said Federal Minister Karl Lauterbach (SPD) on Thursday after the two-day consultation. When asked by MDR SACHSEN-ANHALT, Lauterbach did not want to say which points a new infection protection law should contain, because he did not want to anticipate the negotiations with Federal Justice Minister Marco Buschmann (FDP).

Saxony-Anhalt hosted the Federal and State Conference of Health Ministers (GMK). The heads of department came together for their deliberations in Magdeburg.

Lauterbach had already announced in the run-up to the GMK that it would present a reformed infection protection law before the summer break. The necessary documents for the new regulations should now be available by July 1st. Proposals for further action should then be presented at a special conference.

Dispute over free citizen tests not resolved

In No finished concept has yet been presented for the controversial issue of continuing to offer free citizen tests. According to Lauterbach, a package should be presented, which he will finalize with Finance Minister Christian Lindner (FDP). The Minister of Health emphasized that from his point of view, citizen tests were “absolutely necessary” even beyond the previous regulation until the end of June. However, it is no longer necessary to do every citizen test, and tests without a reason should be restricted.

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