Mechanically separated meat at Tönnies and Wiesenhof? No finds in Saxony-Anhalt

Wiesenhof: The method has no solid basis

Wiesenhof explained to the MDR request that it can be ruled out with certainty that mechanically separated meat is used in the products. The company refers to a corresponding affidavit, which is also said to be available to NDR and Spiegel.

Wiesenhof described the method of the Bremerhaven laboratory as “a new scientific approach to the possible detection of mechanically separated meat, which is still being developed, but has not yet been used in practice, has not been tested in practice and is not solid due to possible susceptibility to errors base is”.

Tönnies describes reports as false claims

Tönnies also rejects the allegations. The company describes the report as a “false claim”. Mechanically separated meat is not used. The subsidiaries have issued a corresponding statement.

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