Member of Parliament Gallert: Left before party conference in Erfurt in a difficult situation

To Gallert believes that the left no longer reaches people whose interests it definitely represents. He cited as examples those who are often marginalized, whose income levels are such that they fear making it through the month and who feel excluded from society.

Gallert: The situation is not hopeless

The problem is that it is precisely these people who have said goodbye to political events the most, no longer go to elections, no longer see any prospects for themselves in this society and are very receptive to the simple truths from the right. So far it has not been possible to solve this problem. However, he would not describe the situation as hopeless.

Gallert wants to become deputy party leader

on At the party conference in Erfurt, which begins on Friday afternoon, the left will elect a new party leadership. Gallert is applying for a deputy position.

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