Municipalities want more freedom at top speeds

More and more municipalities are campaigning for more freedom to decide on maximum speeds in urban areas. In the meantime, 200 cities and municipalities have joined forces to form the “Initiative for Liveable Cities Through City-Friendly Speeds”.

Initiative puts pressure on the federal government

Thomas Dieberg, spokesman for the initiative and Leipzig building department head, explained at an online conference on Wednesday that the federal government must finally take action and transfer more powers to the municipalities. He accused the Federal Ministry of Transport of “delaying tactics”. The coalition agreement stipulates that the municipalities should be given decision-making leeway. A conversation between the initiative and the Federal Minister of Transport has not yet come about.

The Road Traffic Act and the Road Traffic Code should be amended to take into account climate and environmental protection, health and urban development goals. In Leipzig, for example, the focus for the years 2023/24 is on the traffic turnaround. “Our nationwide initiative to Tempo 30 on the streets of Leipzig, as well as the expansion of public transport and of the bicycle network are important measures that we will tackle intensively over the next two years,” said Dieberg. The city wants to become climate-neutral by 2040.

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