Pandemic, war and inflation put pressure on animal shelters

As a result According to Lea Schmitz, the pandemic and the war in Ukraine Animal Welfare Association not only exacerbated the financial situation of many animal shelters, but also the Number of animals increasedwho have to be cared for in many animal shelters.

In the corona pandemic, more animals than usual were given up in many animal shelters. So also in Leipzig, as Micheal Sperlich from First free animal protection association in Leipzig reported. This is presumably because people bought an animal during the pandemic without being fully aware of the responsibility. As a result of the war in Ukraine, other animals from Ukraine and Romania were added.

At the same time be the Pet market just satiated because many people had just acquired animals. This ensures that fewer animals from the animal shelters change to new owners. Also Oliver Fassau from Animal shelter Oelzschau reports that at times there have been waves of animals being sold, most of which are bought thoughtlessly. Animal shelters from all three countries state that particularly large dogs and animals classified as dangerous dogs are hardly adoptable.

Animal shelters appeal to the responsibility of pet owners

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