Paragraph 219a: Bundestag removes advertising ban for abortions

In February 2020, the Federal Constitutional Court declared the “ban on commercial promotion of suicide” in force since 2015 to be void (Verdict), since it violated an individual’s right to self-determined death. In order to regulate euthanasia in a new way, there are now three cross-party motions:

The three drafts of euthanasia

According to a draft by a group led by Lars Castellucci (SPD) and Ansgar Heveling (CDU), “commercial promotion” of suicide should be a punishable offense – with one exception for adults: In order to make a free decision without internal and external pressure, two should usually be made Examinations by a specialist in psychiatry and psychotherapy at intervals of three months and a comprehensive, open-ended consultation. (draft)

A group around Katrin Helling-Plahr (FDP) and Petra Sitte (Left) proposes a new regulation outside of criminal law. A wide range of advisory services is planned. Doctors should be allowed to prescribe drugs for suicide if they assume a “permanence and inner strength of the wish to die”. As a rule, at least ten days should have passed since the consultation. (draft)

A group led by Renate Künast (Greens) and Nina Scheer (SPD) wants to open up safe access to certain medications, but prescribe mandatory advice. A distinction should be made according to motives: In the case of people in “current medical emergencies”, two doctors should confirm the requirements at intervals of two weeks. If you wish to die for other reasons, higher requirements should apply and a state authority should check the requirements. (draft)

theme energy: Power generation from coal

In the afternoon, after the first reading of the coalition motion for the faster expansion of wind energy, the Bundestag will discuss a further motion by the SPD, Greens and FDP parliamentary groups, which provides for the provision of additional generation capacities for electricity production from coal and mineral oil. This is part of the preparations for possible shortages in natural gas under the framework in force since March 30 and on Thursday with the second stage tightened gas emergency plan.

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