Prices soar: Gas emergency plan alert level two comes into effect – what does this mean for consumers?

Since May 21, gas suppliers have the opportunity to increase their prices under certain conditions. This is made possible by the new paragraph 24 of the Energy Security Act (EnSiG).

However, two requirements must be met for this: On the one hand, the alarm level or emergency level must have been declared in the gas emergency plan – as is currently the case. On the other hand, the Federal Network Agency must have determined a “considerable reduction in the total gas import volumes to Germany” on this basis and publish this in the Federal Gazette. The latter has not happened so far. Only then are companies allowed to raise their prices. They have to announce this a week in advance.

The new §24 of the EnSiG was passed so that energy suppliers do not collapse due to high wholesale prices and endanger the supply of their customers through insolvency.

If the requirements for this are met, the energy suppliers are allowed to raise the prices to an “appropriate level”. However, this is not capped at the top. Private households are then also not protected from extremely high gas prices. Not even if they have a so-called price guarantee.

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