The famous story on the documentary about Koller: Who brought the half way to the cinema?

A number of athletes and prominent people from show business also supported Jan Koller. They couldn’t miss the documentary about their friend Jan Koller, nicknamed Dino.

But in order not to go to the cinema alone, they took their loved ones and put them together in a romantic movie date. Who hasn’t left their partner at home?

Ji Jarok (44) with a model

The former soccer player and now coach of Teplic had a pleasant evening by the side of his young wife. The beauty of Russia looked beautiful next to the athlete and showed off her growing hips in white miniskirts.

Ji Jarok with a pregnant model

The partners did not move a step from each other, pyn Ji took Zlata around the waist and the looks of love were even after years. Boulivk has calmed down and is ready for family life.


Dara and Pavel painted each other: American dreams, cut-out figures and photos as if from an urn

Dara Rollins and Pavel Nedvd salary for perhaps the most beautiful Czech show business. They defended their position even on new shots from Lake Koma. Together, they went to the Alps with their daughter Laura, who lately prefers to spend time alone instead of hanging out with her friends. In the latest photos from Italy, Rollins bragged not only about her good man, but also about her big boobs, which did not stop the eyes of the fans.

It’s no secret that Dara is really hard on his character. And from Pavlo, the star of Juventus, the body was worked out so well. Looking at these two lovebirds, it is not clear that perfection exists and we don’t have to go to Hollywood for it. Pohdkov dreams, hava touches, in love with looks and bodies as if from an urn. Obma is a half-assed moron. It’s no wonder that it didn’t leave the fans cold either, who surprisingly didn’t break the record in praising comments.

Mil Daro, in what? It’s easy for you with this guy. Get along very well come on n dy fans. It is so. In the pictures, Dara and Pavel look like an advertisement for tst. And even on the Pope there are prem sn. Krishna, sleepy and rich.

and so on to the most beautiful Czech women, they can be praised for their photogenicity and sex-appeal.

People liken you to Jaromr Soukup and Agta Hanychová and Jakub Prachae and Sara Sandeva. However, Dara and Pavel make up a pair so beloved by people that only a few fans would be able to handle the collapse of their relationship. On the contrary, they would prefer to see them at a wedding.

Dara and Pavel showed off photos like ze

The Slovakian woman never fell before the bully, even when she had several relationships, and her daughter even married her in one of them.

Pavel, on the other hand, toiled away in manhood for twenty-five years, but then left the union at a young age. He especially liked the young meat, he found the quality next to Dara and the taste as never before.

She gives St

The surprise also taught him how to come out of his shell and take on the role of an internet partner, model and influencer. We’ve never seen so much of him in private and we’ve never seen him shirtless so much…


Sexy Mynov ske do baznu: Holiday in Croatia is simply not wrong!

Croatia is going this year! Not only the ech statistics went there, but also Alex Mynov (39) and his family. The moderator liked it very much, and since it was very popular last year, the choice was clear this year as well. I’m allowed to keep it secret for obvious reasons, but don’t worry about that. She even jumped into the pool when she didn’t let her sons embarrass her.

Getting ready for the summer in a swimsuit Alex Mynov howled at number one. Anyone who follows his Instagram profile could see this for themselves. On it, the moderator posted a short video from her vacation with her sons Vratislav and Viktor.

It may be surprising to many how the serious star of news and journalism is able to behave. He enjoyed jumping into the pool every day, just like his children. These are the days when mothers put on a parka for their crazy things, which is not automatically a habit in all families.

Even when it is Croatia if you are planning this year, it would be a great chance to meet the family of the castle chancellor Vratislav Myne there. The choice of the city aside, the most touristic women and curious glances of Czech fellow soldiers.

We love Croatia very much and we will go there again this year. Where, of course, I won’t say, but I’m sure we’ll enjoy it again, smiled the host on Thursday when we interviewed Felix Slovok for his birthday just before the holidays.


Shooting, hunger and dead animals: Krainová and Vágner sent their sons to a survival camp

“I know it may seem strange, but I try to look at it with the perspective we had when we were little boys. We had various military exercises, we pitched tents, baked bacon in the forest, chopped firewood for a campfire, we did things that today’s generation, glued to the screen, doesn’t even think about.” he thought Karel Vágnerwho sent sons Bruno and Max to a wonderful camp in Brd, where they will learn a lot.

“I sometimes feel that even us adults, let alone our children, are lost in the world of TikTok and social networks. I understand that every generation is different, but I wanted to give the boys a different perspective on life and let them understand that any life can change quickly and you need to be prepared for anything,” added the husband Simona Krainová to the address of the survival camp where they sent their beloved children. He decided to share snippets of their experiences with his Instagram family.

“It’s not a collaboration or anything for hyper moms who are already hot. In a nutshell. The boys have completed the teaching of topography and navigation, working with a map and compass, coordinates, in the international MGRS format, and marching azimuths. he revealed Wagner.

“They completed training in first aid, stopping massive extremity bleeding, and simulated various situations, such as assistance in car accidents. They completed work with flashlights and shooting training. They also experienced a day of hunger, but luckily field movement training, radio communication, hydration and teamwork kept them busy enough. After 24 hours without food, they prepared trout as a reward,” said the proud father, who is happy that he was able to give his sons such an experience.

“They were learning to shoot, so they learned the safety, the stance, the hold, the aim. They have marched several kilometers behind them, had to guard the enemy, build a camp, solve a security perimeter, prepare food and filter water. Morning alarm, attack after dark, camouflaging the camp. That’s just a quick shot of what they did. I think the guys will come back completely broken, but hopefully happy too, and I believe they will realize some things and maybe reconsider.” added Vágner, who thanked the B-rdy team on that occasion [be ready].

Everyone applauds Vágner for his idea of ​​sending the boys to a survival course and unanimously claims that all children should experience something similar. We can only hope that he himself will experience something similar with his sons. Nothing prevents him from taking them on such an adventurous trip and spending a weekend in the wilderness with them.

At least they will see how much they learned from that camp.


Repre kou ilhav about Jankt in Sparta: Take it from the fans, but I’m happy!

Football Sparta announced one of the most difficult transfers in recent years. At Letná, the pupil fell in love with Slavia’s rival Jakub Jankto, who claimed not long ago that he was a Slavist and could not play for Sparta. However, the now-iconic member claims that he has been following Sparta closely for the past two years and that the trip will be very exciting for him, which was set up by sports editor Tom Rosick. The fans and Cuba will probably hear something, but the players, when they decide like this, have to bear it, said Express representative Jaroslav ilhav, who although spent most of his career with Slavi, still has an understanding for Jankto.

We met with the coach of the Czech national football team, Jaroslav Ilhav, who in the past coached, for example, Slavia Prague and Slovan Liberec, at the premiere of the documentary about To Jan Koller.

Honza has done a lot of work for his football and they deserve the attention that is new to him. I remember him very fondly, he was a football player, he said to the Expres camera with respect, we then asked him what he thought of the spicy song of ex-Slavist Jakub Jankt.

The last time I spoke to him, I was wondering where he would play to get in shape. From this point of view, I’m glad that they agreed to go somewhere, to prepare for rescues and perhaps help our darkness, Ilhav’s hope, which is also understandable, is that he will keep an eye on Jankta.

When it’s here, it’s nice that we don’t have to travel anywhere, the trainer added with a laugh.

Jakub Jankto in Sparta’s Prak jersey

Will clubism die out? Cuba probably gets it from the fans, ilhav estimates

Jakub Jankto caught the sun on social media and there were harsh reactions from the fans of the club, who, among other things, cannot bear the fact that Jankto’s signed jersey with the new one is in the club museum. According to many, his move is a clear proof that so-called clubism has died out.

Of course, I played for Slavia, but as a coach of the national team, I don’t care if it’s Slavista or Sparan. If clubism dies out? That’s tk, bad on the conditions and so on. But the fans will probably hear something from Cuba, but when the players make such a decision, they have to bear it, ekl na zvr Jaroslav ilhav.

Watch the whole interview in the video.


Date in those: Jgr and Soukalov with their partners make a new party

Cute chirping, in love with looks and bursts of laughter. This is what a date looked like in those of Jaromr Jgr (50) and Gabriela Soukalová (32) with their partners. After the documentary about Jan Koller (49), they didn’t want to go home and had to discuss the books at the veee. And that was fun.

After watching a documentary about a famous football player in love, he immediately fell in love and the night was obviously young for him, that’s why they decided to go to a party and then privately discuss not only the stories from the film about Jan Koller, but maybe Jgr and Soukalov had something to talk about and all sports careers.

And so complex personal relationships.

Jaromr Jgr with Dominika Braniová they always laughed at him, the model was in an evidently good mood, so she got along with him Gabriela Soukalováwho otherwise could not start the eyes of partner Miloe Kadebko.

It was obvious that they had enough common topics, they didn’t pay so much attention to the meal as to the discussion, so alive and feeling that both the two and Jaromr had to step up to be able to gesticulate.

At ve

They had a peaceful evening, when I have nothing to do and can just talk and let the bird spirit get carried away for the whole evening.


In the end, both couples left hand in hand in the late hours, Dominika married a famous hockey player and the former biathlete and new presenter left herself to her new partner, with whom she had a daughter after her unmarried marriage with Petr Koukal.


More than half of Russians are convinced that gays are born, not made

More than half of Russians believe that sexual orientation is given to a person by nature. it figured out sociologists VCIOM.

The study showed that 51% of Russians surveyed consider sexual orientation to be a biologically determined pattern. This point of view is closest to women (54%), people with secondary specialized education and above (52-53%), as well as active consumers of television and the Internet (58%).

Also, the vast majority of respondents (86%) said they did not notice any propaganda of “non-traditional” relationships. The proportion of people who have representatives of the LGBT community in their environment has reached 15%. Most often, women (18%), young people aged 18–24 (35%), citizens with higher and incomplete higher education (21%), as well as Muscovites and St. At the same time, every fifth admits that there are such people among his acquaintances, but he is not sure of this (20%).

15% of Russians agree with the opinion that attraction to the opposite or same sex is changeable and develops over the course of life. At the same time, a quarter of the respondents (26%) said that sexual orientation is a combination of biological and other factors, and therefore it is only partly formed during life.

When asked whether it is possible to specifically change the sexual orientation of an adult, only 6% answered “definitely possible”, another 24% said that “more likely”. More than half of the respondents (56%) believe that it is “rather” or “definitely” impossible, another 13% found it difficult to answer.

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The owner of a dog from the suburbs of Nizhny Tagil will pay 25 thousand for a bitten child

In the village of Chernoistochinsk near Nizhny Tagil, a dog attacked a nine-year-old boy. Now the owner of the dog will have to pay moral damages to both the child and the mother. In total, he will pay 25 thousand rubles.

The incident occurred on March 29, 2022 in the village of Chernoistochinsk. A dog named Bobik walked without a muzzle and a leash. She attacked a nine-year-old boy and bit him on the right leg, the Suburban Prosecutor’s Office reported.

According to the law, pet owners are required to do everything so that their pets do not pose a danger to others. Otherwise, you will have to pay for the damage. The prosecutor’s office, on the basis of the parents’ application, applied to the Prigorodny District Court for compensation for non-pecuniary damage. All claims were satisfied. The owner of Bobik will pay 20,000 rubles for the boy, and 5,000 rubles for his mother.

The decision of the court did not enter into force.


Historical audio tour around Nizhny Tagil invented at EVRAZ

EVRAZ, together with the team of the cultural and historical project “Voices” from St. Petersburg, are launching an audio course dedicated to the 300th anniversary of Nizhny Tagil “Mining Stories”. It is dedicated to the development of the city and the formation of the Ural metallurgy.

Professional local historians, Nizhny Tagil journalists, EVRAZ NTMK engineers and local residents took part in the preparation of audio materials. The collection of Mining Stories includes audio lectures about the indigenous peoples of the region and the life of the first settlers, a story about the main sights of Nizhny Tagil and its industrial history.

Any citizen or guest of Nizhny Tagil can meet with an audio course hosted on the Voices platform, absolutely free. You can listen to Mining Stories while walking around Nizhny Tagil.

“The project team hopes that this audio route will become a real gift for all urban history enthusiasts and will be able to interest the widest audience,” said Mitya Ganopolsky, founder of the Voices project.

The educational project was created on the initiative of a team of EVRAZ employees. The company is confident that the audio route will help preserve the cultural heritage of the city. The new format will be the first step towards creating an up-to-date audiovisual archive for the entire region.

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A low-income family from Nizhny Tagil raising a disabled child was given an apartment after the intervention of the prosecutor’s office

In Nizhny Tagil, after the intervention of supervisory authorities, a low-income family of 7 raising a disabled child received an apartment from the authorities. This was reported in the press service of the prosecutor’s office of the Sverdlovsk region.

A low-income family turned to the prosecutor’s office of the Leninsky district of Nizhny Tagil with a request to check how the mayor’s office complies with the law on the protection of the rights of people with disabilities. The audit showed that officials really registered a family with a two-year-old disabled child. A minor, because of his health, has the right to be provided with an apartment out of turn for social employment, but the family was not provided with housing.

As a result of the audit, the supervisory authorities appealed to the court with a demand to oblige the mayor’s office of Nizhny Tagil to provide the family with living space. The authorities complied with this requirement before the judgment was issued. The family was given the keys to a well-appointed apartment.

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