Mda from the documentary about Koller: Jgr with Braniova as Meghan and Harry, Koller’s partner behind the scenes

As the first dma

Jan Koller (49) appeared in pigeon fashion at the premiere of his documentary. He matched perfectly with his partner Zuzana, who arrived wearing the same color. The first ladies or British aristocrats also like wine here.

Jan Koller with his partner Zuzana

You will look luxurious in this paragraph. Just be careful if you have a bust and a guy like Zuzana would fall in love with you. This will stand out in the models on the ground.

Partner Jan Koller Zuzan

Fresh look

Klra Kovov (38) chose a very clean look. et in the wet style must always be combined with light and subtle make-up. Bl psob with striking colors is great and the outfit stands out. Only rud shoes u are a little too much. It’s nice to wear blue, but you draw a lot of attention to yourself.



Here’s a lesson in good manners, you f*cking fool! Slovkov u lid won’t even answer the greeting

Ask, do you know what I can’t eat? human infatuation, opt Nela Slokov on Instagram with the fact that she is happy and proud of what she has achieved and where she has come, so delusional and uneducated as some people are, but she is not. She was also met with some ignorance from the ladies in the gym, who did not even respond to the greeting. In particular, they weren’t exactly his most ardent fans…

I open the women’s atna, there are women there, but not men. I enter the door, say hello, there are ten girls standing there and not one of them is able to answer my greeting. For me, this is the height of infatuation and insanity, said an influencer who obviously couldn’t see with her own eyes.

You think this is Slovkov, so don’t say hello? I’m probably something vc, aren’t you? does not allow the reason of non-minerality. It is a fact, however, that even during the day the sun is kept a little to one side, and its effect from the gym can therefore be considered a trick, not a hit.

Lately, I have been criticizing Slokova one after another, right after her run with the gym, she heard from her fans that she prefers to eat the slivers of the vivacious Lotty, who has outgrown them.

At Nel’s, the fans only had a good day.

Not long ago, she also heard criticism from you for taking pictures of women in the car, his partner Luk Kozk did that stupidly, and Slovkov sat in the passenger seat.

I have a problem, Nela Slovkov admitted.

During his flight to Slovakia, he was again kicked out by Bratislava for calling them Blavci.

In addition, Slovkov is stressed about the sale of hair vitamins, which she sold last year, but did not have in stock. The result is that 500 orders are not delivered or are delivered late. But we wrote about that here.


Nizhny Tagil will receive more than 800 million rubles for 12 new trams

Nizhny Tagil will receive more than 832 million rubles under the Clean Air national project. With this money, 12 new tram cars will be purchased.

On August 11, at a meeting of the government of the Sverdlovsk region, changes were approved in the state program, according to which Nizhny Tagil will receive a tranche for a new electric transport. The money previously came from the federal budget thanks to the national project “Ecology”, according to the department of information policy of the governor.

“We will approve the rules for providing interbudgetary transfers for the purchase of trams in Nizhny Tagil. For this, more than 800 million rubles are provided in the federal budget within the framework of the Clean Air project,” said Yevgeny Kuyvashev at a Cabinet meeting.

The adopted documents will make it possible to send 832 million rubles to Nizhny Tagil in the near future. In 2022 allocate 520 million rubles and 312 million rubles in 2023. With this money, they want to purchase 12 trams under the Clean Air federal project. The authorities expect this to help reduce emissions to the environment.

Now there are 106 trams in Nizhny Tagil, most of them are partially or completely low-floor. 77 cars were produced at Uraltransmash (part of the Uralvagonzavod concern). The Yekaterinburg enterprise has been supplying electric transport for the last 20 years. In addition, 29 Ust-Katav trams remain in the carrier’s fleet (on August 23, 2021, one of these burned down during a trip).

Earlier, Mayor Vladislav Pinaev said that Nizhny Tagil, in honor of its 300th anniversary, would receive two retro trams manufactured by Uraltransmash. Such a gift for the anniversary was made by the regional authorities. The cars are not designed to travel on routes, they will be used for excursions.

Nizhny Tagil was among the 12 pilot cities where the Clean Air project is being implemented. In order to reduce emissions, motor vehicles are gradually switching to gas motor fuel, and an environmental monitoring system is being developed. Last year, 17 methane-powered buses appeared in Nizhny Tagil under the Ecology national project. They spent 100 million rubles from the treasury of the Sverdlovsk region.


The game Ivnka, kamarde is back. The partnership with Lbus has been going on for years

Did Pelta call you? **to! And what did he want? Who wouldn’t know this and let the girls from the satirical game Ivnka, friend, talk to me?. And fans of the football environment can be. Petr tvrtnek (58) and Jim Lbus (72) return to the stage again and go with more loaded ammunition. The express for the renewed premium was a trick and the fun was probably just as bad as Hvzdn lto Divadla Kalich.

Satirical comedy Ivnku, friend, talk to me? she wobbled on the stage boards and perhaps garnered a round of applause, not at the time when Petr tvrtnek and Jim Lbus introduced her. The entire summer scene under the ikovska street was filled with laughter and there was hardly a place where it was awkward and the fans had no idea what the authors were really up to.

It goes without saying that the company couldn’t make as much profit on it as it did on your request, because it is a transcript of phone calls between football officials regarding corruption in sports.


But even so, the actors managed to surprise with an insert that was not in the original, and it mapped the current situation regarding the former mayor of the football association, Roman Berber.

When he drank the note to him, the audience burst out laughing, clapping, whistling and showing sweat from the fact that the bafu finally ended behind the meme and Sunday football.


The symphony orchestra added a touch of irony to it, when alongside the classical music there was no shortage of profanity, but no one complained about it, on the contrary, they reacted to the vulgar murderers with a vengeance, among the star guests presented were hockey player Jakub Vorek, Radko Gudas and football player Patrik Berger.

What is this game about?

Petr tvrtnek wrote the play Ivnka, comrade, me speak? in the middle of 2004 and 2005 as a reaction to a corruption scandal in the Esko-Moravian Football Association. Subsequently, with this production, he was a guest at the premieres of a number of Czech theaters.


In Russia, discovered a new strain of coronavirus “Russian Deltacron”

In Russia, scientists have identified a new variant of the coronavirus, which has not yet been seen in other countries. This is a hybrid of two strains – “omicron” and “delta”. The danger of the “Russian deltacron” has yet to be explored.

For the first time, a hybrid virus was discovered in July, but then the results were treated with skepticism, said RBC American scientist Dmitry Pruss. By the end of the month, researchers had found more new genomes for this strain. The prevalence of deltacron is still low.

“Whether the recently discovered ‘Russian Deltacrone’ is dangerous remains to be determined. It is unknown if it can outcompete other strains. It is also unknown whether it can cause severe covid,” the scientist said.

According to Kommersant, last week the herd immunity of Russians to the coronavirus fell to 8.6%, and the rates of infection with the coronavirus were exceeded in 12 regions of Russia. In the Sverdlovsk region, 387 new cases of covid were detected over the past day. 61 more people have been hospitalized. The next increase in the incidence of COVID-19 is predicted for September. Rospotrebnadzor does not yet consider it necessary to return coronavirus restrictions.

The delta coronavirus strain was first detected in India at the end of 2020 and has been dominant in most countries of the world for some time. In 2021, it was supplanted by the more contagious “omicron” identified in South Africa. In June, Rospotrebnadzor reported that Omicron accounted for almost 98.3% of all cases of COVID-19 detected in the country.

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10,000 fish were released into the Ural River

The Svyatogor company (UMMC holding) released 10 thousand juveniles of the royal fish – sterlet – into the Ural River Lozva. Representatives of the administrations of the Northern Administrative District and the Ivdel City District, as well as a metallurgical company, took part in the event to restore aquatic biological resources.

“Today’s event is part of a large program of environmental measures that is being implemented by our company, including under the Agreement with the Government of the Sverdlovsk Region,” said Irina Bichukina, head of the Svyatogora environmental department.

Ecologists bred 10,000 sterlet fry of the Ob-Irtysh population this year, they were raised in a closed cycle facility and delivered to the release site in shipping containers. On the banks of the Lozva, the participants of the environmental campaign sent small representatives of the river fauna on a big voyage through a special chute.

Svyatogor has been stocking rivers in the territories of its presence since 2012. Over the past 10 years, within the framework of the program of environmental protection measures, the company’s employees have restored aquatic biological resources of the rivers Sosva, Taltiya, Salda and Lake Svetloe.

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Podcast K + K: Tell us, how can Pirti be attractive to young people?

For example, Michlek would drive out naughty tourists.
| photo: Express

We are old rackets and we don’t want anything, don’t steal everything for your daughter’s day. Couchsurfing, alcoves in Prague with two dildos on heads, cocoons for application or festivals. And limit yourself, BIS editor Michal Koudelka wants to punish you for laughing at Markt Pekarov Adamov and Milo Vystril.


“Swallow” from Nizhny Tagil to Kachkanar will be launched this fall

The authorities of the Sverdlovsk region plan to launch the Lastochka high-speed electric train from Nizhny Tagil to Kachkanar and back this fall. This was reported in the Ministry of Transport and Roads of the region.

“Currently, the Ministry and SPK JSC are considering the possibility of launching Lastochka electric trains on the Nizhny Tagil-Kachkanar and Kachkanar-Nizhny Tagil routes this year. <...> The launch date of the Lastochka electric trains is planned from the second half of September to the first half of October, ”the message quotes TASS.

Now, together with the subdivisions of the Sverdlovsk Railway, they are agreeing on the exact launch date and schedule for the routes.

Earlier, Yevgeny Kuyvashev instructed the regional Ministry of Transport and Roads to organize high-speed traffic to the northern cities of the region, up to Ivdel. The governor himself decided to personally evaluate the advantages of the “Swallow”. To celebrate the 300th anniversary of Nizhny Tagil, he, along with guests of honor, will arrive by electric train.

Lastochka is an electric train developed by the German company Siemens. The cars are produced by the Ural Locomotives plant in the Sverdlovsk region. “Swallows” are capable of speeds up to 160 km / h. The trains have been running on the Sverdlovsk Railway since 2015. They depart from Yekaterinburg to Nizhny Tagil, Serov (via Kushva), to Shalya and Kuzino (via Pervouralsk) and to Kamensk-Uralsky. Travel time has been significantly reduced. In addition, additional trains run between Nizhny Tagil – Yekaterinburg – Koltsovo Airport.

Next year in Nizhny Tagil they plan refit platform for “Swallows”. The station will have a high railway landing area for high-speed trains.

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The State Duma proposed to raise the minimum wage to 30 thousand rubles

In Russia, they propose to double the minimum wage (minimum wage) – up to 30 thousand rubles, they plan to do this from January 1, 2023. How learned Izvestia, a group of deputies from the Liberal Democratic Party plans to submit such a bill to the State Duma on August 11.

“The minimum wage in Russia is significantly lower than in most European countries. The low level of the minimum wage leads to income differentiation, a decline in production, an extensive shadow economy, and an increase in social tension,” the explanatory note to the bill says.

Head of the Department of Corporate Finance and Corporate Governance of the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation Konstantin Orlov believes that it is necessary to increase the minimum wage, but within reasonable limits.

“If the increase in the minimum wage is reasonable, it will serve to support the population. If you overdo it, then there is a high probability of forced dismissals of employees by employers. If the business fails to meet the requirements of the state, it will go bankrupt,” he said.

At the same time, the expert acknowledged the inefficiency of the current methodology for calculating the minimum wage, which was developed according to European patterns. In his opinion, the Cabinet of Ministers, while raising the minimum wage, is doing the right thing, which focuses on inflation indicators.

In 2019, the minimum wage was equal to 12,130 rubles, by January 1, 2021 it increased only by 5.5% – up to 12,792 rubles per month. This year it was raised twice to 15,279 rubles. To double the minimum wage, the treasury will additionally need 1.16 trillion rubles.

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EVRAZ is getting rid of North American assets due to sanctions

EVRAZ August 10 announced on the sale of its assets in North America against the backdrop of Western sanctions. This year the company stopped receiving income from its Evraz North America division.

The Oregon Steel plant in Portland, USA, bought in 2007 for $2.35 billion, not only worked on slabs from Nizhny Tagil, but also produced armored steel for the US Army. The division’s revenue ($2.3 billion in 2021) exceeds 15% of the company’s total revenue, and in physical terms it produced 1.88 million tons of steel products.

“The sale of these assets will unlock the value of the North American division as an independent company,” the company said in a statement.

The largest shareholders of EVRAZ are Roman Abramovich (28.68%), Alexander Abramov (19.35%) and Alexander Frolov (9.66%). The metallurgical holding itself, registered in the UK, is under its sanctions, the listing on the stock exchange has been stopped, and a deal with North American assets will require the approval of the British OFSI regulator. Abramovich himself is also under British sanctions, forced to leave the company’s board of directors because of them.

The total steelmaking capacity of Evraz North America enterprises is 2.3 million tons, the capacity for the production of finished products is 3.5 million tons. The North American division includes 2 electric arc furnaces, 4 rolled steel plants and 8 pipe plants, as well as a scrap collection network of 17 enterprises.

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