Pavel Malkov shared his impressions about the trip to the Kadomsky district –

Pavel Malkov shared his impressions about the trip to the Kadomsky district

On August 11, Acting Governor of the Ryazan Region Pavel Malkov visited the Kadomsky District on a working trip.


“In general, the impression of the area is very positive. We were in the city center. Very good, high-quality planning and landscaping attracts attention. Especially the territories that were made under programs to support local initiatives and the formation of a comfortable urban environment. It is clear where to go next and the residents themselves talk about it. I think that the improvement in Kadoma will continue thanks to these programs and the concern of the residents.”

What worries

“I talked with the residents about the issues that concern them: roads, lighting. What needs to be emphasized is the economy and the creation of new jobs.

The point of growth is agriculture: expansion of sown areas and formation of processing”.


“A very good folk craft is veniz embroidery. We talked to the manager about some steps to take it further. The craftsmanship is incredible. The question is how to bring products to the end user.

forest use

“I instructed the Ministry of Natural Resources to work out the issue of using the local forest fund – civilized, official and with access to processing immediately. That is, not just to procure raw materials, but also to process them, thereby creating new jobs.”

Bank protection

“The second stage of the bank protection of the Moksha River begins, a contract has been signed and work will begin this year. There should be no excuse that something might not work out. The money has been transferred and now we just need to organize everything correctly.”

Tourism potential

“I visited the Kadom Merciful Bogoroditsky Convent. The beauty is incredible. I can advise those who have not been here – be sure to visit.

There are unique places in the region, each beautiful in its own way, but here it is a concentration of monasteries, temples – something amazing, especially since they are in such excellent condition. So I recommend.

Some issues on the development of tourism were discussed with the head of the district. There may not be mass tourism here, but, of course, people will come here. And for this it is necessary to ensure transport accessibility and appropriate infrastructure.”


The Ryazan Regional Electoral Committee and the Ministry of Education of the region signed

Ryazan Regional Electoral Committee and the Ministry of Education of the region signed a cooperation agreement

On Thursday, August 11, a regular meeting of the Electoral Commission of the Ryazan region was held.

Before discussing the agenda items, the chairman of the regional electoral committee, Dmitry Bokov, and the Minister of Education and Youth Policy of the Ryazan Region, Olga Shchetinkina, signed a cooperation agreement. The document concerns the organization and conduct of voting in the period from 9 to 11 September of the current year.

“In the Ryazan region, 411 polling stations are located in schools and other educational organizations. At the same time, Friday is a school day, and some educational institutions work on Saturdays. Therefore, the goal of our interaction is to organize the electoral and educational processes so that they do not interfere with each other,” Dmitry Bokov explained.

Olga Schetinkina, in turn, stressed the importance of the agreement.

“For the first time, we are establishing interaction between the Electoral Commission of the Ryazan Region and educational organizations by a normative document. It is very important that this document will allow us to determine the rights and obligations of the parties during the election campaign and during the voting period,” she said.

Awarded to young and active

At the same meeting of the regional election commission, the best youth election commissions were awarded following the results of the young voter’s month. It was held in the region from April 29 to June 10.

A diploma of the third degree was awarded to the youth electoral committee of the Starozhilovsky district. Diploma of the second degree – activists from the Kasimovsky district. A diploma for the first place was awarded to the Shatsk Youth Electoral Commission. The award was received by its chairman Anastasia Zaitseva.

“My group and I have prepared a quest for Shatsk youth. It called on the guys to vote, explained that every vote is important, and that every person has the right to choose. Students of the Ryazan College of Culture and students of the Shatsk Agrotechnological College participated in the quest. With this project, we took first place, ”said Anastasia.


The Krasenkov family from the Putyatinsky district raised a giant tomato and

The Krasenkov family from the Putyatinsky District grew a giant tomato and harvested more than a hundred kilograms of onions

Marina and Yuriy Krasenkovs from the village of Makeevo, Putyatinsky District, collected more than a hundred kilograms of onions this year and grew a giant tomato weighing 1 kilogram 180 grams. According to gardeners, they have been growing vegetables for more than 30 years. But this season has become one of the most fruitful.

Marina Krasenkova:

“My husband and I love to work in the garden. If possible, our children also help when they come from Moscow. This year the harvest has pleased, all our efforts have not been in vain. I grow tomatoes in a greenhouse. I go there several times a day. With this attitude, we managed to grow a tomato weighing more than a kilogram. And the name of the variety “Pink Giant” speaks for itself. The onion crop is also not small, now you need to properly process it so that it can be stored longer. We hope next year will be good too.”


Two children from the Ryazan CSTO were taken to Moscow by air ambulance helicopter –

Two children from the Ryazan CSTO were taken to Moscow by air ambulance helicopter

On Thursday, August 11, two boys were taken from the Regional Children’s Clinical Hospital. N.V. Dmitrieva to Moscow by air ambulance helicopter. He spoke about this on his page Andrey Krapunin, chief physician of the Ryazan OKB, on the VKontakte social network.

The helicopter took to the capital two patients of the Children’s Clinical Hospital, ten years and three months old.

“The elder had a thermal burn with a flame of both legs, face, torso. The helicopter has already taken him to the Shilovsky MMC, but now they will take him to the Speransky Children’s Hospital. The youngest passenger is only three months old. Despite his age, he bravely fights a dangerous disease – a brain hemorrhage. The baby will be treated at the Morozov hospital,” writes Andrey Karpunin.

The helicopter has been operating in the Territorial Disaster Medicine Center for two years now. Overcoming the path without shaking and three times faster than a car, it is indispensable for rescuing difficult patients.

“Last year, on the territory of the design bureau, we built a landing point, which became the first in the Ryazan region. This gives us the opportunity to earn extra minutes to save adults and little Ryazan residents,” adds the head physician.


We will work together with the administration for the benefit

Pavel Malkov in Ermishy: We will work together with the administration for the benefit of the residents of the district

Acting Governor Pavel Malkov on August 11 was on a working visit to the Ermishinsky district.

At a meeting with the public, residents of the district turned to him with a request to consider the repair of the Ermish-Spassko-Ramenye highway, the road along the streets of the village of Vlasova. They talked about the lack of doctors in the Yermishinskaya hospital and the inability to get prescription drugs in Yermishy. They talked about poor-quality water supply and the lack of lamps on the streets of the district’s settlements.

Pavel Malkov said that the issues within the competence of the local authorities would be resolved in the near future. The Acting Governor explained that road repairs will be carried out in accordance with priorities in terms of population, the availability of social facilities and investment projects.

“You can’t do everything at once. Work should be clearly prioritized. We will form a road repair plan for the coming years, coordinating it with the head of the district administration,” he said.

At a meeting with the heads of organizations and enterprises of the district, they discussed the lack of equipment in the public utilities sector. We talked about tariffs for the services of the gas service, updating the fleet of educational institutions.

Pavel Malkov:

“Yermishinsky district has a rich history, traditions that must be preserved. We need to work on attracting young people to the village. Young professionals will be allocated land plots, they have the opportunity to participate in the Zemsky Doctor and Zemsky Teacher programs. The prestige of the teacher and the doctor must grow. There are many problems, and not all of them can be solved overnight. We will work together with the administration for the benefit of the residents of the district.”


In the Spassky district, gold jewelry was stolen from a pensioner. suspected

In the Spassky district, gold jewelry was stolen from a pensioner. The suspect was detained

A 74-year-old pensioner contacted the police and reported that gold jewelry had disappeared from her house. The applicant explained that she had last opened the box with valuables about a month ago and did not know exactly when the gold had disappeared. This was reported by the website of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the region.

Neighbors of the victim told the police that a couple of weeks ago, an unknown woman was noticed on their street.

The police drew up a portrait of the suspect and launched a search.

The operatives managed to establish that the wanted woman was a 48-year-old resident of the village of Gavrilovskoye. She was detained. Part of the stolen property was seized.

According to preliminary information, the woman learned that a lonely pensioner lives in a house on the outskirts of the city of Spassk. The woman approached the house, made sure that the front door was not locked, and went in. She found a box with gold jewelry in the closet, took them and left. The mistress of the house was in the back room and did not notice the visit of the intruder.

A criminal case was opened against the suspect under the article “Theft”.


Pavel Malkov appreciated the quality of work to strengthen the banks of the Moksha River –

Pavel Malkov appreciated the quality of work to strengthen the banks of the Moksha River

On August 11, during a working trip to the Kadomsky District, the Acting Governor of the Ryazan Region, Pavel Malkov, inspected the public spaces landscaped under the Comfortable Urban Environment program and the monument to German Alyaskinsky.

“All this was done last year on the initiative of citizens and with the support of the regional government,” said Alexander Kochetkov, head of the district administration.

Pavel Viktorovich spoke positively about how landscaping works are being carried out in Kadoma.

From the monument to Herman of Alaska, a sidewalk path leads to the banks of the Moksha. Here, in Friendship Park, a space has been set up under a program to support local initiatives. And also in 2018, the river bank was strengthened at this site.

Pavel Viktorovich appreciated the quality of the work and said that they would certainly be continued.

“We completed two launch complexes, allocated funds from the federal budget for the third one, and a contractor was determined,” the acting governor said.


Work on strengthening the coast began in 2018. We made two sections: in Friendship Park and parallel to Moskovskaya Street. The volume of capital investments amounted to 27 million rubles. In 2022, the region will receive funding in the amount of 41.8 million rubles.


Mikhailovsky boarding school for the elderly and disabled celebrated its 65th anniversary –

Mikhailovsky boarding school for the elderly and disabled celebrated its 65th anniversary

The birthday of the Mikhailovsky boarding school of a general type for the elderly and disabled was celebrated on August 11. The wards of the boarding house and its employees gathered in the hall. The guests congratulated the team and residents on the birthday of their common home.

Minister of Labor and Social Protection of the Population of the Ryazan Region Valery Emets presented awards from the regional government to the employees of the orphanage and thanked them for their work.

“Since 2018, the Mikhailovsky boarding house has been included in the project to introduce a long-term care system. I am proud to say that we are the best in the country. Our experience is adopted by other regions, and all methods and regulations are adopted based on our experience. Starting next year, we will be among several regions of the Russian Federation in which, from 2023, 100% of the elderly and disabled will be covered by the long-term care system. This is the first such experience in the country,” said Valery Sergeevich.

Director of the boarding house Maria Ryabova:

“What is our home? It’s just a big family, where all the relatives of different generations. As in a big family, we celebrate holidays here, sometimes we argue, we make plans. We have a very good family. Residents and employees are one whole; here, as in any family, they do not share work. If something is needed, then the one who first saw it does it. Let’s stay like that.”

Deputy of the Ryazan Regional Duma Vladimir Sidorov congratulated the staff and residents on the anniversary, presented awards and wished health and well-being to everyone in this common house. The head of the regional administration Yevgeny Sidorov congratulated the employees and wards. Chairman of the Mikhailovskaya District Duma Alexander Kufeldt also congratulated all the participants of the holidays and sang a song at the request of the audience.

In general, there were many songs, gifts and congratulations on this day. As it should be on an anniversary birthday in a large friendly family. And after the completion of the solemn part of the holiday, the guests were invited to a festive dinner.


An archaeological expedition is working in the Rybnovsky district

An archaeological expedition is working in the Rybnovsky district

Since the end of July, the Vozhskaya expedition of the Ryazan Historical and Architectural Museum-Reserve has been excavating on the territory of the village of Glebovo-Gorodishche.

They study the archaeological heritage of the site of interest “The Field of the Vozhskaya Battle” and the entire basin of the Vozha River in the Rybnovsky district.

Dmitry Ivanov, expedition leader:

“The city of Glebov (as this settlement used to be called) was supposedly founded in the 70s of the XII century. The founder of the city was probably Ryazan prince Gleb Rostislavovich. Which, apparently, in honor of himself and named the city. We started working here in 2010, we go to the area every year, and this year was no exception.

In the field season of 2022, a new excavation was laid, in which 44 square meters of area have already been studied. They found in it the remains of a furnace that served to melt iron. This is evidenced by fragments of burnt clay and nearby slag. It is formed during the processing of iron ore.

One of the most interesting recent finds is a female fang-shaped pendant. Namely, today, August 11, archaeologists found a pectoral cross. The most massive material at the excavations is broken pottery and animal bones.


The monument to Herman of Alaska was built thanks to

Sergei Konyukhov: The monument to Herman of Alaska was built thanks to the indifference of Kadom residents

On August 11, during a visit to the Kadomsky District, the Acting Governor of the Ryazan Region, Pavel Malkov, examined public spaces landscaped under the Comfortable Urban Environment program, and a monument to Herman of Alaska.

Sergey Konyukhov, Director of the Kadomsky Historical and Local Lore Center:

“Last year, a monument to Reverend Herman of Alaska, our countryman, was erected in the center of Kadom, and the surrounding area was landscaped.

This was preceded by a lot of preliminary work. At one time, we applied to the regional government and the regional Duma with a request to perpetuate the memory of the holy native of Kadom land. Our request was supported, this project was included in the Comfortable Urban Environment program, and funds were allocated.

For almost a year, in the homeland of Herman of Alaska, there has been a monument to a man who was born in the Ryazan outback and is known as the first Orthodox saint of Russian America. All this is due to the indifference of local residents and the great support of the regional government.”

Photo: Sergey Konyukhov’s personal page on VKontakte