Date in those: Jgr and Soukalov with their partners make a new party

Cute chirping, in love with looks and bursts of laughter. This is what a date looked like in those of Jaromr Jgr (50) and Gabriela Soukalová (32) with their partners. After the documentary about Jan Koller (49), they didn’t want to go home and had to discuss the books at the veee. And that was fun.

After watching a documentary about a famous football player in love, he immediately fell in love and the night was obviously young for him, that’s why they decided to go to a party and then privately discuss not only the stories from the film about Jan Koller, but maybe Jgr and Soukalov had something to talk about and all sports careers.

And so complex personal relationships.

Jaromr Jgr with Dominika Braniová they always laughed at him, the model was in an evidently good mood, so she got along with him Gabriela Soukalováwho otherwise could not start the eyes of partner Miloe Kadebko.

It was obvious that they had enough common topics, they didn’t pay so much attention to the meal as to the discussion, so alive and feeling that both the two and Jaromr had to step up to be able to gesticulate.

At ve

They had a peaceful evening, when I have nothing to do and can just talk and let the bird spirit get carried away for the whole evening.


In the end, both couples left hand in hand in the late hours, Dominika married a famous hockey player and the former biathlete and new presenter left herself to her new partner, with whom she had a daughter after her unmarried marriage with Petr Koukal.

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