Dispute between Ryazan hunters and the Ministry of Natural Resources

The dispute between Ryazan hunters and the Ministry of Natural Resources was instructed to settle

Vice-Governor of the Ryazan Region Artem Branov held a meeting with the leadership of the Ryazan Society of Hunters and Fishermen and the Ministry of Natural Resources of the Ryazan Region. Discussed the use of hunting grounds.

According to the Ministry of Natural Resources, there are 38 hunting users in the region. Agreements were concluded with them for the use of objects of the animal world. All these organizations are regularly audited.

The Ryazan society of hunters and fishermen is the largest in the region. 25 hunting farms were assigned to it, which is 60% of all hunting grounds in the Ryazan region. Inspections regarding ROOOiR revealed a number of violations. If they are not eliminated, the agreements may be terminated, including in court. Then the hunting grounds of the ROOOiR will become public.

On behalf of the acting governor of the region, the vice-governor of the Ryazan region Artem Branov began to deal with the history of the issue. According to him, many mutual claims, reproaches and insults have accumulated over the years. And often they do not allow a rational assessment of the situation.

Given that ROOOiR is the largest public association in the region, and it includes a large number of hunting enthusiasts, Artem Branov suggested that we sit down again at the negotiating table and resolve disputes in a working manner. He also instructed to develop measures to prevent violations of the law. Until all circumstances are clarified, no action will be taken in relation to the ROOOiR.

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