Express “in the horror park” at the center for drug addicts: Drug addicts sleep in the bushes, the police are short on them!

As part of a regular series Hell in Prague we regularly drew attention to the critical situation that prevails in the surroundings of Anděl.

“The reason is most likely the fact that subutex was always sold in Prague 5 (drug substitute, editor’s note). There are two contact centers close to each other, that’s another problem.” candidate for mayor Bohuslav Svoboda told Expres some time ago.

However, the Prague 5 City Hall recently terminated the contract of one of the contact centers, which will probably cause all the “clients” to move to the Sananim contact center, which is already being attacked by dozens, maybe even hundreds of drug addicts every day.

“You have no idea how scared I am of what’s coming to us here. Look how it looks here already. Those people (drug addicts) come here and there under our windows, they make a mess. And now more are flocking here to us,” a woman who lives right next to Sanani confided in us.

During the short time that the elderly lady and I had been talking through the window, several people who most likely would not want to come into contact with the average citizen walked towards the Sananim center.

They all had in common that they seemed very unfriendly and came from the nearby Na Skalce park, which at first glance seems like an ideal place for families with children. But the opposite is true.

In less than half an hour in the park, the editors of Expres came across five homeless people or drug addicts. Some looked nervous and were obviously looking for the perfect spot to inject themselves. Others slept under a tree or in a bush. Medicine boxes were lying around.

While walking around the park, we came across several homeless people lounging around. One of them was noticed by the police.

Park Na Skalce is full of drug addicts and homeless people.

Pill boxes are lying around in the park. Many drug addicts come here to “shoot” a dose.

A police patrol was passing through the park. The guards noticed only one of the men, who was then asked to produce his documents and also asked him to pack some plums and leave the park.

Park Na Skalce is full of drug addicts and homeless people.

The man obeyed the policeman, but it is difficult to estimate whether he did not return there again after a few hours. According to locals whom Expres spoke to, drug addicts and the homeless have made Na Skalce a refuge, and dozens of them gather there every day.

Park Na Skalce is full of drug addicts and homeless people.

Given that Sananim will become the only contact center in Prague 5 in a few months, it can be expected that the situation will soon get even worse.

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