GOT7’s Jackson Wang Falls In Love With This Bold Reveal

jackson wang of GOT7 Without a doubt, he was delighted with Thailand, going viral all the time with his funny occurrences, and despite having a busy work schedule, the idol took the time to enjoy himself with his friends and fans. In addition, he gave a candid interview for fashion.

In this he talked about several things, for example the love he had for Thailand and everything about his new brand Team Wang Design, Moving. This is a collection of pink floral print clothing inspired by the beautiful Mudan flower. This collection gives a feeling of romance.

The interviewer asked Jackson to describe his romantic side, and he replied that it’s been a long time since he’s had any romantic experience. He also added that she loves pink, but he didn’t understand what she meant by a romantic side and asked the girl to explain.

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She gave the example of giving at least 100 roses to the person she is with, and jackson wang gave an answer that really made everyone fall in love, saying “it depends on my lady“That is, he will do what she wants. Although the idol thinks that he is not very romantic, that answer fell in love with everyone and shows how dreamy Jackson is, he is the ideal boy.

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