Green roofs, street noise, trees. Waves of heat take my form

According to the climatologist’s predictions, however, the wave of scorching heat has come to be perceived as a normal part of the domestic summer. And piss off.

People in cities logically expect help from town halls. We have discussed various mills, but we are not installing them yet, for the Zlna primtor Ji Korec. Under his leadership, the city focused mainly on the demolition of greenery and the construction of new ones. That’s a way to make sure she doesn’t get revenge. But we would do it even if it wasn’t hot. Zln is a city in gardens and we want to hit that, he explained.

The Department of Greens has adjusted the planting regime so that, where possible, you and the technical services regularly water the flowers and trees. The moisture content of the city’s green areas has increased by fifty percent in these days, that’s about 24 thousand liters of water per day. Technical services draw it from their own wells, added city spokesman Tom Melzer.

Opaten was also introduced by the ZlnOtrokovice Transport Company (DSZO), which deployed air-conditioned cars due to the tropical temperatures. On working days during the hot season, less than half of the cars on our routes are equipped with air conditioning. On weekends, it’s 100 percent bus and 80 percent trolleybus, said DSZO editor Josef Koch.

The appearance of the public roads and the parking lot is gradually changing. Where the surfaces are being repaired, use absorbent screed or porous asphalt to absorb water. That’s a matter of course, Mr. Korec.

At this moment, it is exactly the worst change, which can be encountered in cities in the region. Paying that when a city is repaired, it is done with regard to better water management. This has an effect on the climate inside the buildings. The possibilities are endless, everywhere in the world they installed an underground tank to catch rainwater, which then serves to flood the city’s greenery.

In Luhaovice, they again stopped the bus, which has a green roof. Uhersk Hradit has taken this path and fulfills the green roof even on bicycle buildings.

However, some town halls go further and respond concretely to the returning heat waves. Soon after, Vset put two birds into operation, in the park and in front of the city hall, as well as four water features. One was at the Rybnka intersection, in the area in front of the center of the professional circle, and we repaired the water feature at Dolny nmst, described the mayor Vsetna Tom Pifka. In the future, I plan to equip busy places in the city with different gates.

the bikes will have their own mokad

In Valaske Mezi, they increased the capacity of the baths this year, which they repaired for around 60 million crowns. Install water features on the children’s playground, children can play with them. Prkopnkek is a hit on Vodn ulica. The pioneers installed a water mist there, gradually a pump was added, which pumped water into boxes with flour and various grains, and thus Archimedes’ screw.

In the meantime, prepare a project for the mud at the bicycle depot or the green roof on the bicycle building. Always use deionized water in a toilet flushing tank. When renovating, therefore, remember to have two distribution lines. We are a city between two lakes, working with water is a must here, says mayor Yvona Wojaczkov.

The town hall in Uherske Hraditi near the pedloni planted trees outside the town and installed a canoe and a grinder at Masarykov Square, which help improve the microclimate in the center. Pibv so green streets, you on the new apartments on the entrance. At the same time, he planted trees and bushes in the surrounding area and on the outskirts.

On the other hand, you don’t just have to deal with big deals, you and Luhaovice invest in the improved climate in the city. A town with five and a half thousand inhabitants built green roofs on the stops and prbn plants trees in locations where there were no trees. There is no need for a bird in the city thanks to the mineral spring, but they remembered it during the reconstruction of the street Dr. Veselho was executed there.

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