Han from Stray Kids is the biggest fan of this adorable anime character.

During an exclusive interview with none other than Tumblr, the guys from stray kids that if they could have dinner with 3 fictional characters, who would they choose? Han did not hesitate to respond with extreme passion and shout “Anya Forger”, implying that she adores this character from SPY X FAMILY.

Although, this is not the first time that the interpreter of “MANIAC” demonstrates his deep love for this charming character. And it is that during the world tour with his companions, he and Lee Know constantly alluded to this character, citing some epic phrases.

The one that repeated the most was the “waku waku” while promoting his album in programs from Japan, of course, giving him his own personal touch with great tenderness and melting the hearts of STAY. She adores this character so much that she can’t help herself when someone else names her and she bursts into euphoria.

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Han is not the only one who loves SPY X FAMILY and above all this lovable character, in fact anyone who has seen the series on platforms, can feel identified by the love that Han has for Anya, which can only be brought down by him. deep love that han jisung has by STAY.

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