Historical audio tour around Nizhny Tagil invented at EVRAZ

EVRAZ, together with the team of the cultural and historical project “Voices” from St. Petersburg, are launching an audio course dedicated to the 300th anniversary of Nizhny Tagil “Mining Stories”. It is dedicated to the development of the city and the formation of the Ural metallurgy.

Professional local historians, Nizhny Tagil journalists, EVRAZ NTMK engineers and local residents took part in the preparation of audio materials. The collection of Mining Stories includes audio lectures about the indigenous peoples of the region and the life of the first settlers, a story about the main sights of Nizhny Tagil and its industrial history.

Any citizen or guest of Nizhny Tagil can meet with an audio course hosted on the Voices platform, absolutely free. You can listen to Mining Stories while walking around Nizhny Tagil.

“The project team hopes that this audio route will become a real gift for all urban history enthusiasts and will be able to interest the widest audience,” said Mitya Ganopolsky, founder of the Voices project.

The educational project was created on the initiative of a team of EVRAZ employees. The company is confident that the audio route will help preserve the cultural heritage of the city. The new format will be the first step towards creating an up-to-date audiovisual archive for the entire region.

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