Hummus, angry people. Mirai has already joined the Mekáč campaign. It calls for a miracle, you get fries

It begun Premek Forej, the top chef of a five-star restaurant, who suddenly announced that he would inspect the quality of McDonald’s fast food. Sure, but what kind of control when it comes to paid collaboration and advertising, he was laughed at almost immediately by fans who took the combination of a top chef and the folk Mecca as clear evidence that his star is declining and that he will do anything for money.

We had no idea how much the Czech McDonald’s would launch campaigns with celebrities, and especially how untasteful.

In addition to Forejt’s famous statement that Polish fries are better than Czech ones because it rains more in our neighbors, there was a new collection of clothes photographed by McDonald’s in collaboration with the Zoot brand. For example, they dressed professional celebrities and the popular sister pair Natália and Denisa Gross, who showed off to their fans in socks with fries or a handbag in the shape of a change bag from McDonald’s.

The wave of bizarreness does not end with this art act, and in addition to involving influencers and using them in their new campaigns, McDonald’s also decided to launch a special Mirai menu. It’s only been available for a month, and as the name suggests, it’s a collaboration with the Mirai group.

McDonald’s launched a massive marketing campaign. He even engaged sisters Natália and Denisa Gross.

We expected that it would contain a new type of hamburger, that it would promote a new summer limited edition, or that it would be an unconventionally assembled change, perhaps a creative combination of novelties at a favorable price.

However, the result of the “miraculous” collaboration is a regular Big Mac hamburger with fries, ice cream and chicken nuggets.

Special menu?  Hamburger with fries.  A real discovery.
Apparently only available for a month.  According to us, the Big Mac with fries is at McDonald's all the time...

These are, if I’m not mistaken, available at McDonald’s all year round, but perhaps not called the “Mirai menu,” but rather “I’ll have one nugget, a Big Mac and fries, with an ice cream and a Coke, thanks.”

It’s just a matter of choosing what the fast food restaurant already offers.

The campaign with an abundance of celebrities is not met with success even on social networks, where well-known faces face attacks for linking their faces with the brand.

Celebrity ads on Mekáč?  People have had enough.

“Humus,” people are furious and write that they don’t like the way they advertise or that their models support companies of this type.

“It’s unhealthy, it doesn’t help the environment at all and it doesn’t help your image either. You are selling yourself. If you can’t, then gain more weight, right” summed up one of the fans. And it must be added that quite aptly.

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