In Faster than a Bullet, Brad Pitt got stuck on the Orient Express between Agatha Christie and Guy Ritchie

“If you carry the world with you, you are the world” – you expect such Buddhist wisdom (they are banalities) from anyone, but not from a hired killer nicknamed Ladybug performed by Brad Pitt.

But Pitt can already afford anything – even play a killer who quotes his psychotherapist and tries in every way to avoid violence, while being forced to kill people. As usual, Hollywood offers to fight violence, savoring gunfights and fights, but the audience never complained about this contradiction, on the contrary, they considered showing violence in the cinema a plus.


– Brad Pitt. Aside from a joking cameo as a fictional love interest in the recent adventure The Lost City, the lead role in Faster Bullet is Brad Pitt’s first major screen appearance since his Oscar for Once Upon a Time in… Hollywood. Tarantino portrayed Pitt as the epitome of the entertainment industry, a stuntman who truly does the important, hard work in movies and is paid far less for it than the stars he fills in for dangerous scenes. While younger actors like Chris Hemsworth occupy the niche of action heroes, Pitt, who emerged from it, has already become such a living legend (and more recently a “serious” actor) that in a sense he himself has become a symbol of all the best that personifies Hollywood. Pitt can afford everything, all the more interesting that after the Oscar he starred not in some prestigious drama, but in the most primitive action movie, all of which takes place on a train from Tokyo to Kyoto. And Pitt, like a real pro, rises above this primitive material. One could say that he saves the film with his participation, but this is not entirely true. He, let’s say, simply improves his presence in the frame;

Director David Leitch is one of the most interesting action directors out there right now. It was he who directed The Explosive Blonde and Deadpool 2, where he proved that he not only knows how to put on spectacular scenes of fights and shootouts (by his first profession he is just an action scene director), but also that he has a sense of humor and a cultural background ;

– Faster than a Bullet trailer promised a lavish spectacle with stars playing killers who can’t get off a bullet train – it’s like Guy Ritchie taking on a truly modern remake of an Agatha Christie novel. In fact, the film is based on the book by Kotaro Isaki “The Killer Train”, the characters of which received the faces of English-speaking stars in the film;

By the way, about the stars. In Hollywood films, the unexpected appearance of a famous face for a couple of seconds has long replaced the skill of a successful replica. In Faster than a Bullet, Sandra Bullock, in a tiny role as Ladybug’s curator, Channing Tatum (a random travel companion) and Ryan Reynolds (a hitman named Carver) are present not only for laughs, but also as an alaverda to Pitt, who appeared in the films with their participation “Lost city” and “Deadpool 2”. This cross-pollination is reminiscent of bartering in the PR industry: lend your face, you get mine in return;

– when the characters are not fighting, not shooting and not trying to seem smart, the film suddenly appears rare attempts to say something interesting. For example, that a ladybug in Western culture symbolizes luck, while in Eastern culture it is exactly the opposite, ladybugs with their seven black spots absorb all the misfortunes to make life easier for others around. What is luck for one is bad luck for another. This interesting thought appears suddenly in this stupid picture and immediately turns out to be thrown halfway, and after all, if Litch had spoken it in more detail, it could have greatly improved the film;

– Faster than a Bullet even has a plot, although due to the chaotic running around the train that is difficult to leave for two hours (stops last a minute, and it is at this time that all the most interesting happens), you forget about the plot. Ladybug has a very simple mission – you need to steal a ransom case from two mercenaries – Mandarin (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) and Lemon (Brian Tyree Henry), who recaptured the son of the main Japanese bandit White Death (Michael Shannon) from the yakuza. But the train is filled with a whole crowd of killers of different nationalities and specializations, each with his own motive and professional manner. For example, Mandarin and Lemon are fans of the British cartoon “Thomas and His Friends” about steam locomotives endowed with human qualities, so they constantly give out roles from it to their clients. Hornet (Zazie Beetz) kills victims by injecting them with poison, after which blood flows from their eyes. With such savory characters, Faster Than a Bullet is chock-full of action-packed scenes that unfortunately lack the substance that glues these bright episodes together. So we got to the cons.


– the witty fact that Ladybug by the will of fate cannot leave the train refers to Buñuel, but director Leitch is too busy exterminating his killer heroes to bring this story to complete absurdity and rise above the average level of hundreds of crime fighters;

The film was released in the US on August 5th. In Russia, it can only be viewed online from pirates.

Photo: Sony Pictures

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