J-Hope reveals the story of the stray cat that came to his heart and was rescued by him

bts has always shown his love in different ways, but the act he performed J Hope certainly took the heart of ARMY, which was based on helping a poor cat, who was on the street, during a photo event with the idea of ​​taking him to the doctor, to receive treatment and take care of him himself.

This kind action was widely commented on social networks, where fans wanted to know how it was and what he did during that moment, arriving J-Hope in an interview of “starry night” of Kim Eana, an MBC radio show, where he discussed his recent release of his new album “Jack in the box,” talking about his little act of rescuing a cat that purred in his heart.

Revealing J-Hope that in September of last year, a small kitten was found on the street, all sore and with some scratches on his body, to which he went to a clinic near the place, before traveling to USA paying for all your treatment:

“There was a very bad-looking cat at the photo-taking location. I really felt like my heart was being torn apart. And, in fact, the little dog that I have has poor eyesight, and this cat had problems with his eyes as well,” she recalled.

Baptized by ARMY as “J-Hope Junior” in honor of his rescue.

Although the singer revealed that it was not all he did, to which he was discharged, he was personally with the doctor and talked about his discharge process and having his happy ending by commenting that he found a home for him.

“He was skinny and hungry, so I took him to the clinic, treated him and even sent him to a good owner to take care of him,” she said.

Here is the full interview, don’t miss it:

J-Hope Junior will definitely be the act that broke the singer’s heart!

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