JYP Entertainment apologizes to Stray Kids fans for problems at ISAC event

JYPEntertainmentresponsible of stray kids, issued a long statement last Monday, August 1. In the text, the agency apologized publicly after the problems in the event ISACalso known as the Idol Olympics, in which the K-Pop group recently participated.

In late July, fans raised concerns about the schedule of the K-Pop group. His schedule had been quite busy since June with the start of the tour “MANIACโ€ around the United States and then the shows in Japan. Furthermore, they were still confirmed at ISAC, which was held between July 30 and August 1.

The Stray Kids fandom was no longer happy and the situation became even more sour during the competition. That’s because the company apparently didn’t provide as much support for to the fans present at the venue, who had to provide their own banners to cheer on the K-Pop group.

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โ€œWe would like to apologize that ISAC did not go well. First of all, regarding the cost of producing the posters, we would like to apologize for upsetting the fans when we should have been grateful for their efforts.โ€, stated JYP in a statement.

โ€œOn the day of filming, we discovered that an employee threatened to ‘read fan letters out loud’ if they didn’t stop filming and we confirmed this with our marketing team.โ€œ, added the agency.

โ€œWe would like to sincerely apologize to all the fans who were unable to enjoy the event due to this inconvenient event. Also, we promise to be more careful so that fans don’t feel uncomfortable.he finally said.

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