Light music on the new bridge Pinaev plans to attract tourists to Nizhny Tagil

The bridge across the city pond should become a new landmark of Nizhny Tagil. Every weekend at the ferry will include colorful architectural lighting, perhaps even accompanied by musical accompaniment. Such a light show can attract tourists from the surrounding cities, Mayor Vladislav Pinaev said at a press conference dedicated to the 300th anniversary of Nizhny Tagil.

The technical opening of the overpass is scheduled for August 12. This means that the movement will be launched according to a temporary scheme and with a number of restrictions, including speed. The authorities explain this decision by the fact that the contract for the construction of the crossing is calculated until November, by which time the contractor must complete all the improvement work and congresses. After the object must receive the conclusion of Rostekhnadzor.

During the celebration of the 300th anniversary of Nizhny Tagil, bright architectural lighting will be launched on the bridge. Now modes are specially selected for this. On a typical day, the arches will be illuminated in neutral white. But in the future, they plan to turn on the illumination on weekends, thereby creating another point of attraction for tourists.

“There is a desire to make it a kind of attraction. So that every weekend the backlight turns on with or without music. So that guests come to us with the sole purpose of looking at the architectural illumination of the bridge. Let it be a musical bridge! There are no such facilities in the region. We have something to be proud of, something to show. At the same time, we will raise the rating of businessmen. You can sail on barges and boats calmly,” the mayor said.

By the way, the owners of boats and river buses have already taken advantage of the imminent opening of the bridge across the Tagil Pond. For 1200 rubles, they are ready to deliver everyone to the crossing to see how the light show is launched in the evenings.

Testing the illumination of the bridge across the Tagil Pond. Video: Mayor Vladislav Pinaev’s VKontakte page

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