Moderator Martina Gavriely bought an apartment in Dubai. You can also rent it

Moderator Martina Gavriely decided to invest. While real estate in Prague is very expensive and overcrowded, in Dubai you can buy a nice apartment for that. The first Arab city surprised the mother of three and, following the example of real estate expert Alice Bendov, she shared a vacation home that she also wants to renovate.

Martin Gavriela she talked for a long time about the fact that she would like to buy an apartment in the countryside so that she would have somewhere to go on vacation with her children, but she still could not decide where it should be. And in the end, the decision was made on Dubai, where you can get a nice apartment not far from the sea relatively cheaper. Rda used to go there with her family for a long time.

Years ago, our family fell in love with this city, and you can share this city with them. From 2022 you can also stay with us, she wrote about the photo of the house in Dubai where she shared a flat with her partner.

She doesn’t want to go there only with her children and granddaughter, but will also rent the apartment. That’s why you’re so busy with the reconstruction. She brags about it on social media and invites people to book an appointment with her.

View from the suite.

Around the suite.

e would Martina be inspired by an actress Alice Bendova? She also started moving in foreign real estate and actually owns two apartments in Tenerife.

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