100 euros in July: when is the child bonus on the account?

100 euros in July
When is the child bonus on the account?

Families should be helped to cushion the sharp increase in the cost of living. In the form of 100 euros per child. The money should flow next month. Read here what needs to be done and who is first in line.

A child bonus is also planned as part of the relief packages decided by the federal government to compensate for the sharp rise in energy and fuel prices for citizens. Questions and answers on the topic.

how much money is there

100 euros are to be paid out as a lump sum per child.

Who gets the grant?

The bonus from the relief package will be paid to all those entitled to child benefit who are entitled to child benefit in July 2022. The provisions that also apply to child benefit essentially apply to the child bonus. This means that there are no special features compared to child benefit with regard to the eligibility requirements for the child bonus.

Does the payment have to be requested?

The child bonus does not have to be applied for. It is usually paid out automatically by the relevant family benefits office. It is sufficient for newborns for whom neither child benefit nor a bonus has been set and paid the written application for child benefit to the local family benefits office of the Federal Employment Agency (BA). Children who were or will be born this year are also entitled to the subsidy. The BA lets families know on its website: “If you have applied for child benefit for your newborn child in 2022, the child bonus will be paid to you automatically in 2022. In certain cases, child benefit and child bonus for newborn children will be paid out together.” You can also apply for child benefit online.

When is the money in the account?

According to the current state of knowledge, the payment date for the child bonus is July 2022. The money should be transferred in the form of a one-off payment via the family coffers, usually not together with the child benefit. According to RTL, the payment will be made a few days after the regular child benefit payment in July. When the child bonus is then in the account depends on the last digit of the child benefit number:

  • Final digit 0 on July 5th
  • Final digit 1 on July 6th
  • Final digit 2 on July 7th
  • Final digit 3 on July 8th
  • Final digit 4 on July 11th
  • Last digit 5 ​​on July 12th
  • Last digit 6 on July 13th
  • Final digit 7 on July 15th
  • Final digit 8 on July 18th
  • Final digit 9 on July 19th

Does the income of the parents play a role in the payment of the child bonus?



Although the child bonus 2022 does not represent taxable income either, it must be entered in the child appendix of the tax return like child benefit. Because in the income tax assessment, the child bonus is taken into account together with the child benefit in the lower tax assessment by the tax office. If possible, top earners should benefit little or not at all from this part of the relief package.

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