After a house collapse in Florida: billions in compensation can be paid out

As of: 06/23/2022 6:46 p.m

Around a year after the high-rise collapse in Florida, the billions in compensation for the victims’ families can be paid out. The disaster killed 98 people.

Almost a year to the day after the partial collapse of a high-rise building in Florida, which killed 98 people, billions in compensation can be paid to the victims’ families.

After consultation with the plaintiffs, the responsible judge Michael Hanzman approved an agreement for 1.02 billion US dollars (around 968 million euros). There were no objections, said victim representative Michael Goldberg.

The collapse of the 12-story Champlain Towers South in Surfside, a suburb of Miami, on June 24, 2021 was one of the deadliest disasters of its kind in US history.

Agreement within just one year

Judge Hanzman said it was remarkable that the victims’ families had been compensated in just a year and that there hadn’t been a year-long legal battle.

Most of the $1.02 billion goes to families who lost loved ones in the accident. Around $100 million are court costs and $96 million for the owners of destroyed apartments in the building.

The money comes from insurance and engineering companies, as well as builders of an adjacent apartment building that contributed to structural damage to Champlain Towers South.

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